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Lightwoods Lions based in West Birmingham are a FA Chartered Standard Football Club that was formed in 2005. The club selected the name Lightwoods because the coaching sessions for the original under 7s mini-soccer team were held at Lightwoods Park in Bearwood. The majority of the original under 7s also attended the local Lightwoods Primary School. Unfortunately, Lightwoods Primary School only has one class per year group so in order for the team to progress players had to be recruited from other local schools.

Lightwoods Lions are proud to have been represented by players from a wide spectrum of the local community including boys and girls from Bearwood, Halesowen, Oldbury, Quinton, Harborne, Northfield and Handsworth Wood. The club operate all year round playing a number of summer tournaments during the close season.

Current Teams

Under 18s Girls

Girls football is the fastest growing sport in the UK and following the 2010 world cup the club decided to run a Girls Soccer School during the summer for girls between the ages of 7 to 10. The soccer school was so successful the club decided to start a Girls team for the 2010/11 season with again a strong representation from Lightwoods Primary School. The under 18s Girls team will be competing in the Central Warwickshire Girls Football League for the 2017/18 season and will be playing their home matches on Saturdays at a Hadley Stadium, Wilson Road, Smethwick.

Club Philosophy

EmblemLightwoods believe youth football should be aspirational with all young players endeavoring to improve their individual technical ability but without losing sight of the importance of team play. The coaching concept is based on improving technical skills with both feet, encourage ball retention by emphasising long and short passing with movement off the ball and teaching tactical shape and positional awareness. The club do not look at how good the players is when they arrive but look at the potential for development with the two most important criteria being enthusiasm and the dedication to work hard to improve. The club ethic is for players to be competitive, to always try their best, but without a win at all cost mentality. Fair play and respect for all involved in the game is fundamentally important. 

Coaching Sessions

The club holds the coaching sessions for all teams during the summer on Friday evenings at Lightwoods Park (the Dog Pub side of Galton Road in the far corner). During the winter period coaching session are held on the 3G facilities on Friday evenings at Hadley Stadium, Smethwick.